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Billington Bees Nose & Paw Balm 60g

Billington Bees Nose & Paw Balm 60g

Billington Bee’s Paw and Nose balm is typically for use on Dogs however we have had customers use it on their cats too.  In the winter it can help protect and moisturise paws, noses and ear tips from the cold weather and wind, and in the summer protect your Dogs paws from hot pavements.Our product enables your pet to get used to having their paws handled and so tasks like clipping claws becomes easier and for some, has avoided trips to the vets.Our Nose and Paw Balm is made from all natural ingredients including beeswax which has many anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. The 60g tin is aluminium and hence reusable. The primary smell comes from Shea Butter, we deliberately haven’t added any fragrance as with the dogs sensitive smell, they may like it a little too much if scented and lick it off, or equally not like it. We’d rather keep it as natural as possible, not adding ingredients that appeal to the human owner, rather than being good for the pet.Contains:BeeswaxOlive OilCoconutShea ButterVitamin ELick safe, chemical and cruelty free
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