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Master the Retrieve....

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

So you have a new Puppy who is adorable most of the time, except when they have run off with your socks and wont bring them back...

Teach your dog to retrieve anything with our prey dummy.

  1. fill the snack/prey dummy with stinky , tasty treats and zip it up

  2. Attach a long line to your Puppy.

  3. Move the prey/snack dummy around in front of your Puppy until they show interest, then throw it a short distance out (keeping hold of the long line)

  4. Your puppy will leap towards the prey/snack dummy and begin to try and work out how to get the treats out.

  5. start to say “fetch it” in your most exciting and high pitched voice - Yes this includes you guys, get your girlie voice on...

  6. As you say fetch it start to pull the long line in towards yourself, as your dog is pulled they will grab at the bag.

  7. As soon as your Puppy has brought the prey/snack dummy back to you, praise them in that really happy high pitched voice again and reward them with a treat from the bag. (This bit is so important as your teaching them to return the bag to you to get the reward from inside).

  8. Repeat until you no longer need the long line.

Have Fun!

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