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A selection of products we offer.


Dog Treats

Train & Treat Dog Store offers a variety of Natural Treats including long lasting Antler chews, Chewroots, Olive Wood, Ostrich Bones, Training Treats, Natural Products and much more...

Dog Toys

We offer a variety of Toys that are suitable for all Breeds of Dog from your Small Dogs to your tough chewers.  All of our toys can be used to train your dog in retrieving, searching and much more...

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Dog Swimming
Dog Swimming

Dog Sports

Train & Treat likes to encourage owners to try different sports with your Dogs, from Gundog, Working Trials, Swimming, Paddle boarding, Hiking and More...

Please check out our Gundog section, our floating KONG Toys for water Retrieves, Hiking Bags to get your dog carrying their own stuff and Dog Float Jackets for your Dogs safety in the water.

Any Breed or Size of Dog is capable of learning and enjoying a Dog Sport.

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