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Searching Game with your Dog

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Search Game with your Dog…

Equipment Required - Long Lead, Prey Dummy, Stinky Treats.

Pop some smelly treats like cheese or sausage into a prey dummy (Don’t wash the dummy as you want to keep it nice and smelly)

Place your dog on a long lead (not retractable). If you have someone else with you get them to keep hold of the lead.

Let your dog sniff the bag, make sure they are really interested in it before the next step.

Run out waving the bag about and getting your dog excited with your high pitched voice. Place the bag behind a tree, bush, item of furniture or something else.

Go back to your dog and then holding the long lead give your dog the command “find it”

Your dog will go out towards the area you put the bag and sniff until they find it - ALWAYS reward your dog with a treat from that bag so it becomes rewarding for your dog to find it.

Repeat this 5 to 10 times and then you can progress to not letting your dog watch where you put the bag.

Have fun playing this game with your dog and watch how tired they will be by the end of it

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