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Designed in 2004, our award-winning Dogrobes are the easy way to dry, warm and comfort your dog. Customers and professionals love the simple practicality of our dog drying coats, giving us 5* reviews. Here you'll find out how they work, what makes them different, how to get the perfect fit.




Dries + Warms + Comforts


Dries - Dogs can remove up to 70% of water when they shake. The remaining 30% means wet fur, which is a poor insulator and can cause your dog’s body temperature to drop. Dogrobes’ innovative fabric has longer loops on the inside that quickly draw moisture away from your dog’s coat and dry him.


Warms - Long loops trap air and body heat to maintain his body temperature, speed up drying time and keep him warm.


Comforts - Our vet says gentle pressure around a dog's chest acts like soothing swaddling, reducing anxiety. Tie the Dogrobe closely around the dog's torso to create a constant, gentle pressure, for a calming effect. The Dogrobe can stay like this on the dog for up to 2-3 hours.




Years of experience have produced the simplest, easiest and best design to provide maximum coverage quickly.


easy to put on and take off

non-restrictive, so dogs can move around

drapes over hindquarters to dry back legs

single layered fabric dries quickly for re-use

lightweight, tolerated by dogs who hate coats

no need to rub down

cotton is a natural, breathable material

strengthened in key stress areas

ties ensure a snug, secure fit time after time

offset ties cover underbelly for the best coverage

no awkward leg straps or leg holes

no velcro to spook dogs, catch fur or snag when laundering

Don't just take our word for it – we’ve earned a whole host of five-star reviews and repeat purchases, and that speaks volumes.




Whatever the size or breed of dog, we have a Dogrobe to fit.


It's important to measure your dog to get the right size. Our sizes run fairly large e.g. XS fits a Cocker Spaniel.


See how easy it is to measure your dog and view our size guide here


Easy to Fit Every Time


Slip the Dogrobe over your dog’s head.

Straighten it out over his back.

Draw the ties up on each side of his body.

Tie loosely in a single loop on one side of his spine.

Different dogs will have different drying times but generally leave the Dogrobe on for around 30 minutes and take it off when it's damp.


Beware - some dogs like to chew so don't leave your dog unattended while wearing his Dogrobe.

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